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We have several positions available, all require English "upper Intermediate”(B2) as a minimum. As you will be practising your English on a daily basis this also gives you the opportunity to become even more fluent, written and spoken.

The positions available range from customer service (communication) to technical, operations, analysis and data entry.

We require successful candidates to have a PASSION for the position they are applying for. If you are truly interested in a sector, you will enjoy the position and do well. We want to give you the opportunity to launch your career and excel in a dynamic environment. 

  • Experience is always welcome, but not required.

  • Full training is offered so you need to be hungry for knowledge

  • All positions are related to the travel industry (hotels)

  • All positions require computer skills as you will be operating advanced business systems

Working with Travel Helper will:

  • Enhance your English language skills as you will be communicating with travel partners all around the world.

  • The travel industry is amazing and you have the opportunity to learn about key business processes related to travel.

  • You will be exposed to advanced technologies and an international business culture

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